• Below a calm surface,
    there are hidden risks
    in many assets today.

    Crossbow finds managers globally who have shown a talent to navigate around such risks and provide diversification to your portfolio.

  • Find and implement
    Real Diversifiers

    Crossbow manages multimanager hedge fund portfolios focussing on those strategies that add a real diversification benefit to traditional asset classes.

  • Protect your Portfolio with Hedging Solutions

    During market turmoils, most assets classes show much higher correlations than normal, thereby amplifying losses.
    Crossbow provides and manages portfolio protection strategies to dampen or minimize such losses.

  • Big Changes in the World -
    "just noise" or important
    for you as an Investor?

    The world system and its economies have become increasingly volatile.
    Crossbow finds, evaluates and monitors those investment managers that have a proven talent to profit from big changes in trends and macro variables.

  • What will happen to your portfolio once Central Bank stimulus ends?

    In that case, you will need truly uncorrelated strategies.
    Crossbow manages investment solutions for you that will add real diversification to your portfolio and make it more robust for a more volatile future.


The Crossbow Team welcomes you!

Recent Company News

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 in Third Party News
Hedge-Funds – besser als ihr Ruf

Only available in German:

Artikel in der NZZ, von Luke Ellis: Seit Ausbruch der Finanzkrise haben Hedge-Funds als Ganzes deutlich schlechter als traditionelle Fonds abgeschnitten. Zahlreiche Faktoren deuten jedoch auf eine Trendwende.

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 in Reports
Market Navigator

Only available in German:

  • Makro Fundamental: USA seitwärts; Eurozone relativ stark, China leicht expansiv
  • Risiken: Marktextreme / Trump-Programme / Kohärenz der Eurozone / China-USA
  • Ausblick Risk Events 2017

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Fri, 3 Feb 2017 in Fund News
Mit neu gemischten Karten ins Hedge-Funds-Jahr 2017

Only available in German:

Nach schwachem Jahresstart 2016 profitieren die Hedge Funds von Normalisierungen im Makro-Umfeld. Das wird sich 2017 fortsetzten. Von Regina Ahorn und Peter Meier.

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 in Reports
Market Navigator 19.1.17

Only available in German:

Makro Fundamental: USA seitwärts; Eurozone relativ stark, China leicht expansiv.
• Allgemeine Makro-Lage: die Weltwirtschaft läuft «lauwarm» vor sich hin.
• USA: Vorlaufsindikatoren haben deutlich angezogen, aber die harten Zahlen gehen noch seitwärts.
China: positiv - die Beschleunigung der Wirtschaft setzt sich weiter fort.
• Eurozone: Die vorlaufenden Indikatoren steigen weiter an, fragile Expansion setzt sich fort.
• Globale Liquidität: stagniert weiterhin - in der Vergangenheit negativ für Aktienmärkte.

Risiken: Extrempositionen / USA: Trumponomics / Kohärenz der Eurozone....

Tue, 20 Dec 2016 in Trip Reports
Trip Report October Hong Kong

- The leading indicators point to an acceleration of growth in China with container and railway freight volumes picking up
- A global growth surprise could benefit Asian markets as the valuation is considerably lower than in the USA
- A potential trade war between the US and China could however dampen the prospects for 2017
- The frequency and severity of political shocks have risen and there is more to come, especially in Europe with elections in France, the Netherlands, Germany and possibly also Italy
- The view in fixed income is that inflation will remain low forever, yet commodity markets have started to disagree
- The inclusion of China A-Shares to the MSCI could revive the market in 2017 after a disappointing 2016
- The devaluation of the Chinese and other Asian currencies compared to the USD will continue

Fri, 2 Dec 2016 in Trip Reports
Trip Report October New York

The Trump presidency, the Italian referendum, the OPEC summit, the Fed decision, the impending Brexit negotiations, as well as the upcoming elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany in 2017 create considerable political event risk, implying a wide range of outcomes and volatile markets....

Thu, 1 Dec 2016 in Reports
Market Navigator

Only available in German:

Fazit: Es bleiben für die Zeit bis zum Jahresende drei negative Schlüsselrisiken mit unterschiedlicher Eintretenswahrscheinlichkeit (in %): a) «Recount-Risk» USA (20%, wenig wahrscheinlich); b) negativer Landslide gegen Renzi (45%) und c) Fortsetzung des Bondcrash (50%) aufgrund Ölpreis/bzw. Inflationserwartungen, welcher Druck auf Aktienmärkte ausüben würde. Da derzeit die positive Signale in der Eurozone wie auch in China überwiegen, würden wir in Schwäche hinein nochmals etwas Eurozonen-Aktien aufbauen. In der Schweiz ist Stockpicking angesagt.

Falls Sie den gesamten Market Navigator mit detaillierten Analysen wünschen, melden Sie sich doch bei uns.

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 in Trip Reports
Trip Report London September
  • Most macro managers were cautiously optimistic about the world economy, some even expect growth to pick-up substantially given the developed countries’ position in the business cycle and the tailwind of two recent oil counter-shocks
  • The USD strength since 2014 was....
Wed, 9 Nov 2016 in Reports
Market Navigator - Kommentar zu den US Wahlen

Only available in German:

  • Trump – vom aggressiven Populisten zum «Reluctant President»?
  • Kernpunkte von Trumps (derzeit bekanntem) Wirtschaftsprogramm
Tue, 1 Nov 2016 in News
Crossbow Newsletter October

Only available in German:

  • Wird Amerika positiv überraschen?
  • Wie Hedge Funds anlegen: Jahresendrally ade? Stresssymptome im ABS Markt
  • Hedge Funds können den Pensionskassen benötigtes Alpha liefern
  • Der Einfluss von Kosten und Ertrag auf In-vestment Entscheide bei Schweizer PK’s
  • Grössere Hedge Funds liefern weniger Alpha



Fri, 30 Sep 2016 in Trip Reports
Trip Report NY
  • Fundamental investing remains challenging as the central bank policies keep inflating asset prices
  • Momentum strategies suffered this year due to several trend reversals - mean reversion strategies did relatively well
  • As the second largest economy China’s impact on global macro trends is on the rise and watching China closely may help explaining market dislocations in other parts of the world
  • Money keeps flowing to the US due to negative interest rates in Europe and Japan and terrorism in the Middle East
  • Credit spreads have priced in the wave of defaults seen in the energy sector  and discounted a recessionary environment, yet defaults remain below average outside the energy space
  • US growth could surprise to the upside next year based on stable consumption due to wage growth, more capex after the energy sector bottomed, and policy actions by the new government


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