• Below a calm surface,
    there are hidden risks
    in many assets today.

    Crossbow finds managers globally who have shown a talent to navigate around such risks and provide diversification to your portfolio.

  • Find and implement
    Real Diversifiers

    Crossbow manages multimanager hedge fund portfolios focussing on those strategies that add a real diversification benefit to traditional asset classes.

  • Protect your Portfolio with Hedging Solutions

    During market turmoils, most assets classes show much higher correlations than normal, thereby amplifying losses.
    Crossbow provides and manages portfolio protection strategies to dampen or minimize such losses.

  • Big Changes in the World -
    "just noise" or important
    for you as an Investor?

    The world system and its economies have become increasingly volatile.
    Crossbow finds, evaluates and monitors those investment managers that have a proven talent to profit from big changes in trends and macro variables.

  • What will happen to your portfolio once Central Bank stimulus ends?

    In that case, you will need truly uncorrelated strategies.
    Crossbow manages investment solutions for you that will add real diversification to your portfolio and make it more robust for a more volatile future.


The Crossbow Team welcomes you!

Recent Company News

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 in Reports
Crossbow Market Navigator 12. Sept 2017

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Wie stark ist die Weltwirtschaft?

Zusammengefasst bewegt sich «die Welt» weiterhin im positiven Bereich. Europa zeigt weiterhin Stärke. Die Aktivität in den USA und in China geht seitwärts auf positiven Niveaus, in eingien Emerging Markets bleibt das Bild gemischt.

Thu, 7 Sep 2017 in Announcements
Crossbow Partners strengthens team with experienced ex-HSBC Hedge Fund specialists

Crossbow Partners, the investment boutique specialized in alternative investment solutions based in Baar, is strengthening its team with two experienced hedge fund specialists.

Peter Rice joined the company as a partner on September 1, 2017. Peter Rice served as Head of Portfolio Management Switzerland and a member of the global Alternative Investment Committee at HSBC's Alternative Investment Group. Prior to this, he worked for several years at UBP Alternative Investments and ECOFIN Investment Consulting.

Peter Rigg, former CEO of HSBC Alternative Investments, joins Crossbow Partners as a member of the Board of Directors, a member of the Investment Committee and as a partner.

The hire of Peter Rice and the appointment of Peter Rigg to the Board of Directors are another milestone in the expansion of Crossbow Partners. Their expertise and experience strengthen Crossbow's position as one of the largest and most experienced specialists for liquid alternative investments in Switzerland.

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 in Trip Reports
Crossbow Market Navigator 29. August 2017

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Ausblick Aktienmärkte USA/Europa:Langfristig betrachtet ist das breite Sentiment eher bullish, und vor allem die US-Aktienindices sind undbleiben teuer. Die makroökonomische Dynamik geht seitwärts, aber unsere Vorlaufindikatoren fürUSA zeigen weiter eher Schwäche. Das heisst, das Risiko an den Aktienmärkten für Enttschäuschungensteigt. Immer mehr auch grössere Asset Allocators (wie z.B. Pimco) beginnen zur Vorsicht zu mahnen.Aus unserer Sicht sind viele positive Annahmen und Faktoren bereits eingepreist, und wir sehen fürQ3/Q4 keine klaren Katalysatoren für eine weitere Avance.Auf kurzfristiger Basis ist die Unentschiedenheit vieler Investoren sehr hoch. Da die jüngstenKorrekturen, die wir ja bereits seit mehreren Wochen antizipiert haben, waren noch zu schwach, alsdass sie klare Kaufsignale generieren könnten.



Wed, 16 Aug 2017 in Reports
Market Navigator August 2017

Only available in German:

- Fundamentales Makro-Bild: Weltwachstum derzeit stabil / seitwärts; USA bröckelt etwas mehr, Eurozone weiter stark, China scheint seitwärts zu laufen.

- Risiken: Trump-Administration / Südchines. Meer / Persischer Golf / Ukraine

Mon, 7 Aug 2017 in Trip Reports
Trip Report Singapore Mai 2017

- The business sentiment for Asia is positive as the region is growing fast and the debt problem is currently not a concern
- In 2017, China appreciated its currency against the USD in order to avoid increased pressure from the US and prevent further capital outflows
- The Chinese government adjusted very quickly to the new US policy and was able to get out of the crossfire
- China will re-shuffle their Politburo in October 2017 and will do anything to keep the economy strong and markets calm until then
- In Japan, GDP growth is robust, wage growth is accelerating due to a labor shortage and consumption is picking up
- The ASEAN region is still at an early development stage and could do very well over the coming 10 years with Vietnam as its most promising member currently
- Most managers are quite cautious as some market correction is overdue, the geopolitical risks are under appreciated and the central banks will reduce their market support in due course

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 in Trip Reports
Trip Report London June 2017

- After the Election … Is before the Brexit Negotiations

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 in Reports
Market Navigator July 2017

Only available in German:

- Fundamentales Makro-Bild: Weltwachstum derzeit stabil / seitwärts; USA bröckelt, Eurozone weiter stark, China zeigt widersprüchliche Signale.

- Risiken: Trump-Administration / Südchines. Meer / Persischer Golf / Ukraine

- Ausblick Aktienmärkte USA/Europa: Das breite Sentiment ist nach wie vor «sorglos» bullish, und die Aktienindices sind und bleiben teuer.

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 in Trip Reports
Trip Report New York March 2017

- The popular Trump reflation trade (long USD and short rates) has reversed this year, as the Trump administration failed to deliver on its growth agenda
- The resilience of equities is remarkable and brings back the memories of the late ‘90s – this year, five tech stocks have added USD 600 bn of market cap and accounted for more than 50% of Nasdaq 100’ performance
- Equity PMs are cautiously optimistic and not increasing their risk exposures until there is more clarity on the policy front
- Credit PMs are still capitalizing on the aftermath of the HY energy crisis and are also increasingly diversifying into less liquid special situations
- The ultra-low yield environment has made volatility selling very popular and also vulnerable if markets suddenly fall through support levels
- The compression of volatility has caused many options arbitrage and quant equity strategies to underperform this year
- Valuations have become very stretched and the current Shiller P/E is trading at levels not seen since the dotcom bubble while at the same time the Fed is hiking rates and considering to unwind its balance sheet

If you would like to hear more about our managers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thu, 15 Jun 2017 in Reports
Market Navigator June 2017

Only available in German:

In Marktsichten der letzten 2 Monate hatten wir empfohlen, in starke Tage Gewinne
mitzunehmen oder Put-Optionen zu akkumulieren. Wer dies noch nicht getan hat, sollte dies
jetzt machen.

Wed, 7 Jun 2017 in Reports
Market Navigator Mai 2017

Only available in German:

- Fundamentales Makro-Bild: Weltwachstum derzeit stabil / seitwärts; USA bröckelt, Eurozone weiter stark, China flacht etwas ab.

- Risiken: Trump-Administration / Frankreich / Korea

- Ausblick Aktienmärkte

Wed, 17 May 2017 in Trip Reports
Trip Report London March 2017 inlcuding Energy Megatrends

Executive Summary

- The business sentiment for Europe is very positive and growth is picking up across almost everywhere

- Global growth has synchronized and appears to be steady on the one side, political risks have risen on the other side

- The new government in France is mandated to revitalize the economy and create jobs mainly for the younger population where unemployment rates are the higest

- The global debt problem is unsolved and the initiatives in the USA and France will not result in lower government debt any time soon

- Opportunities in the financial and energy sectors arise in Europe with a broader recovery and an increased environmental awareness

- The Fed will keep hiking their short-term interest rates and Europe will need to taper their bond buying program in 2018

- Short-term USD strength is still possible, but buying EUR in weakness will be profitable medium-term